I want to share with you my mission & passion for golf:

I want you to have fun playing golf!

I want you to play with confidence!

I want you to embrace a Growth Mindset!

I want you to be Skillful, Mentally Tough, Present & Willful!

I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals!


I’m looking for players of all abilities who are willing to succeed!


Together we will understand that:


Performance = Skill +/- Mental Toughness  +/- Preparation +/- Will +/- Luck


My Performance Formula is tested, true and pertains to everything we do in sport and life!  My programs address each tenant of the formula.   I also believe, that no matter your level of golfing skill, you can achieve better performance by improving Mental Toughness, Preparation and Will.

 Let’s get started!

  1. Contact me today!
  2. Fill out the information sheet that will include your average score, target score, goals and personal assessment of your current game.  You will also tell me about your physical condition, health issue and club information.
  3. We will play 6-9 holes (with other golfers for ~2 hours) so that I can get to know you, your game and make an assessment about how you play the game.  Playing assesment fee is $85.
  4. I will provide an Improvement Agreement that outlines your goals, presents my improvement plan and suggests the best program suited to your lifestyle, schedule and budget.
  5. If you agree, we will sign the agreement and begin.

I know some reading this will be tentative and feel like no matter what you try your games doesn’t improve.  I say to you that you haven’t received the right information.  I’m so confident that you will reach your goals that all my programs are backed by my No-Risk Guarantee!


Here are links to some of the coaching & skill development programs that I offer.

Monthly Coaching

Skill Development Clinics

Private Coaching

Junior Coaching

We also offer:  Club Fitting  &  Club Repair