Remote Performance Coaching

Are you frustrated that you don’t improve?
Frustrated that improvements are short lived or don’t make it onto the course?
Frustrated that your swing has improved but your score hasn’t?


I share your frustration!

I took lessons, read magazines, books, watched The Golf Channel, YouTube, and followed all the advice. All the things I thought I needed to do, but sadly I never improved!
Now that I’ve been coaching for many years, I discovered that it took more than quick tips or swing changes to realize long-lasting improvement.  Improvement required a better understanding of how to play the game, a better understanding of what Essential Skills I needed, how to develop those skills and, most importantly, how to create and work a plan.

This theory was the catalyst for creating my Group Coaching Programs, where I could share this vision and help like-minded players develop and improve.  Their improvement was transformational as was the enjoyment of their game.

Unfortunately, I can’t meet everyone in-person, and so I developed the Remote Coaching Program so that you can take part in this the holistic program that will help you achieve your goals.

Remote Performance Coaching Program:
How will we start?
  • Game Evaluation & Questionnaire
  • Swing Evaluation
  • Develop your Goals 
  • Develop a written Improvement Plan
You will learn:
  • Essential Skills of Golf.
    • Ball Control
    • On-Course Decision Making Control
    • Peak-State-of-Performance Control (mental toughness)
  • Tree of Success
  • How to Practice on and off-course.
    • Block
    • Random
    • Compete
  • Improvement Matrix
  • What are realistic expectations
  • How to prepare a game plan
  • How to prepare for tournaments or an important match
You will also receive:
  • Weekly practice plans
  • Access to Edufii (group training app – think private Facebook)
  • Optional Participation – Statistics Tracking App
 When will we meet?
  • 3 Group Webinars (~45 minutes)
  • 1 Private consultation per month via Skype (can include swing analysis)
$149  1-month – (Why would you only do a month?)
$399 3-months – The best program.
$699 6-months – Because the best never stop learning!
Next Step:
Are you ready to enjoy the camaraderie and challenge of improving yourself and transforming your game?
Email me right now to join –  You can also call me at 757-253-0589